Telemarketing Services


We Know Call Center Management

We know about high quality calls

Our team has listened to thousands of calls over the years. We know that campaigns can be great (or not so great) based on call handling, so it’s critical to incorporate “best practices” to your call center strategy.

We are here to save you time, cost and effort

We know that your firm is investing money into generating calls and it’s crucial to make every call excellent. What does this mean? You want your calls answered quickly by well-trained, dedicated, friendly and efficient agents. Qualified callers are vetted properly with the right questions asked at the right time.

Our Services

Having a call center focusing on legal and well-trained staff available 24/7 at a reasonable cost did not exist until now, with the opening of Consumer Attorney Telemarketing Services.

We offer our clients 600+ well-trained agents who understand the legal industry. Our staff speaks both Spanish & English making it easy for callers to communicate. Our user-friendly online portal gives visibility to all the key metrics (length and time of calls, etc.) and calls are recorded to maintain complete transparency and assure your calls are being handled exceptionally well.

Transparency and Accountability

Conversion rates are the best measure of call quality, and we handle everything involved in making your calls ultimately become signed contracts. We make sure agents are well-trained in the legal industry and understand the type of callers with whom they will interact. We use only dedicated agents, rather than letting calls go to a call room handling multiple industries.

Call duration is also crucial. The shorter the call, the more likely something needs improvement…and you can determine what this is by listening to the calls. Was it the agent? The caller? A bad number? Monitoring the length of each call helps measure performance, which in turn helps your marketing campaign optimization. You can also stay on the pulse of how long it takes to answer calls, hold times and abandoned call rates.

The CAMG Advantage

We use customized intake questionnaires used to qualify callers along with scripts written by leadership counsel. Qualified callers are then transferred to our contract processing division (Consumer Attorney Contract Services) in real-time for expedited signing. Additionally, telephone numbers managed by our phone services division (Consumer Attorney Phone Services) can be routed directly to our call center.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your call center needs. 800.200.CAMG or email