What We Do

What we do

CAMG is an advertising agency that works exclusively with law firms. Our transparent approach provides your firm with media schedules, pricing and performance metrics every week. We combine media buying expertise, industry experience and intensive analytics to deliver the most effective TV & radio campaigns.

“Our goal is to provide your firm with the lowest possible case acquisition cost and to give you the ability to control volume on a weekly basis. Easy enough, right?”

Tracking and Optimization

We track everything

Whether you use an affinity number or one of our 800 tracking numbers, your campaign will be optimized to make sure every dollar is spent efficiently. CAMG can use unique phone numbers on every ad to track which stations, days and times of day are producing the best results. Our media team crunches all of the data so they can make logical buying decisions EVERY week! That means your budget goes directly to specific placements that have been proven to work.

This process happens each and every week as long as you’re with us. We are completely transparent. You will see the stations we buy, the price per ad and the cost-per-call generated by every station, every week.


Start with a creative that works

“CAMG has two professional studios, a creative writing team and years of experience in the production of legal commercials.  Ads can be filmed at your offices or one of our locations.”

Media Buying

Leverage our buying power

Traditional methods of media buying can be extremely ineffective due to long-term contracts. If the media isn’t working for you, then no long-term discount will be big enough.

Our media buying team can purchase media in both your local market and on a national level. We utilize the “direct response” model to provide you with deeply discounted rates as well as budget leverage – ultimately achieving the most calls per dollar.

Intake Services

We know how to manage call centers

CAMG can also help you to manage the intake of all the calls that are generated.

We can set you up with a 24/7 live answering service that will qualify leads and transfer them to you by phone or email, all depending on rules you put in place.

Performance Based Reporting

Here’s how our performance reporting works:

If you’re already on TV and looking to improve your results, or if you have ever considered being on TV and didn’t know where to start.

We can help.

Contact us today. We’ll discuss a customized strategy that will work for you.